Orange Is the New Black

ORANGE-IS-THE-NEW-BLACK-WIKI_Book_Cover_01Orange Is the New Black:
My Year in a Women’s Prison
Piper Kerman
© 2010

Movie adaptations are rarely better than the books on which they’re based.  There are some (this is the best list I’ve seen), but they are few and far between.

But, oddly, TV shows are often (usually, even?) better than the books.  Some obvious examples: Sex and the City and True Blood.  I haven’t read Boardwalk Empire or Game of Thrones, but I have a feeling those TV shows are better than the books, too (and Flavorwire agrees).

Maybe it’s simply because the books aren’t very good (that is definitely the case for both Candace Bushnell’s Sex and the City and Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels).  But I think it’s also because a TV series has a lot more time to get things right.  Entire episodes (or even seasons) can be devoted to characters and plot points, developing them more fully and, often, making them more interesting.

Taylor Schilling (who plays Piper on the TV show) and author Piper Kerman

At any rate, it’s not a huge surprise that I now have another example to add to the the-TV-show-is-better list: Orange Is the New Black. Continue reading