Mario Alberto Zambrano
Published July 1, 2014
304 pages (hardcover)

This book begins with an explanation—the “Rules of the Game”:

Lotería is often described as Mexican bingo, a game of chance. The only material difference between bingo and Lotería is that bingo relies on a grid of numbers while Lotería relies on images. 

There are fifty-four cards and each comes with a riddle, un dicho. There is a traditional set of riddles, but sometimes dealers create their own to trick the players. After the dealer “sings” the riddle the players cover the appropriate spots on their playing boards, their tablas, with either bottle caps, dried beans, or loose change. 

There is more than one way to win depending on what is played. You can win by filling a vertical line, a horizontal line, a diagonal; the four corners, the center squares, or a blackout. 

An important rule to remember is that a winner must shout his victory as soon as his winning image is called. If the dealer calls another riddle before the winner declares ¡Lotería!, the player can no longer claim the prize.

What follows are fifty-four chapters, one for each card in the Lotería deck. Continue reading