How to Start a Fire

how-to-start-a-fireHow to Start a Fire
Lisa Lutz
Published May 12, 2015
352 pages (hardcover)

I was talking the other day to someone about how hard it is to make new friends as you get older. You rely on your kids (if you have them) to help you forge bonds with their friends’ parents. You keep your fingers crossed that your new neighbors will be normal. If you’re feeling especially chatty, you strike up conversations with random people in your Pilates classes. Making friends when you’re in the throes of adulthood takes a lot of effort. And, sometimes, it makes you long for the days of college.

In college, you make a new friend every day. The girls in the dorm room next to yours? Friends for life! The dude who randomly sits next to you in your econ class? Study buddy! The chick you meet at your first-ever frat party? BFF! Friendships are forged at the drop of dime and, despite moves and life changes and differing careers, often stay strong for years and years to come. This book highlights that easy college-friend trajectory.

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