The Engagements

16071736The Engagements
J. Courtney Sullivan
© 2013

When I got engaged, I knew exactly what my ring would look like.  I had made very clear to my then-boyfriend (now-husband) that I wanted a round solitaire diamond set high on a thin platinum band.  I gave specific limitations on size (I have small hands and didn’t want a big diamond that looked gaudy or ostentatious on my little fingers, and I wanted to be able to wear it anywhere—in court, on the metro—without feeling uncomfortable).

This may sound princess-y and unromantic.  But it is certainly not unusual.  I have friends who designed their own rings.  Others picked out the exact ring with which their boyfriends proposed.

In fact, I know very few people who were surprised with a ring they knew nothing about.  For better or worse, diamond engagement rings are the norm these days.  And while they are (or are supposed to be) a symbol of undying love and fidelity, there’s not a lot of romance surrounding them anymore.  The proposal is (we hope) surprising and romantic; the ring is not.

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