Like Water for Chocolate

This is a Favorites Series post by guest blogger Lindsay Gressard.

Lindsay bio pic

This is a picture of Christi and me posing as each other. I think we both nailed it, but the A1 photo bomb takes the cake.

Hi peeps. If you don’t already know me, I’m Christi’s stepsister, Lindsay.  I got my name from Lindsay Wagner, the Bionic Woman. I don’t share her superhuman strength, but I do have superhuman love for Dairy Queen blizzards, Sweaters (capitalized), and orange cats. Superhuman hates include overhead lights, chalk, and opossums that terrorize orange cats.


Like Water for Chocolate
Laura Esquivel
© 1989

As I make my first venture into the world of blogging, I must admit I’m a little terrified. I don’t know the first thing about blogging and I’m fearful that this may end up in the same category as grandma facebook posts. You know what I’m talking about. You post a random selfie from the club one night and two months later, you get a comment on the photo that says something like, “HI SWEETHEART, WHEN YOU VISIT NEXT WEEK DO YOU WANT POT ROAST OR CHICKEN POT PIE. LOVE GRANDMA”  (in all caps, of course). It’s almost endearing, but more so awkward and uncomfortable. I’m aiming for just above that.

Adding to my fear, I had a slight crisis with the favorite book I chose to review, Like Water for Chocolate. But, more on the crisis later. Let’s start with the book.

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