Brave New World


This is a Favorites Series post by guest blogger Cleo Chalk.

I’m Cleo, an undergraduate word nerd blogging book reviews and all things ‘book’ over at I’ll enjoy any book you stick in front of me, but my favourites are offbeat classics and modern dystopias. 

brave new world


Brave New World
Aldous Huxley
© 1932

It may seem obvious, since I’m talking about Brave New World as my favourite book, but I’ll put it out there anyway: Aldous Huxley is my dystopia scribbling intellectual of choice. I have to confess a small crush on his bespectacled frown and furrowed brow, and I certainly prefer his scientific musings on where our species might be headed to the more politically charged efforts from the likes of Ayn Rand and Orwell – huge fan of 1984 though I am. Continue reading