This Week in Books: The Books You Read When You’re Sleep Deprived, Exhausted, and Nursing at 4:00 a.m.

Be forewarned: this week’s books will never be considered “classics.” They are not the kind of books that will make you super introspective. Nor are they the type of books that will make you think about things in a new and different light.

These books are the kinds of books you read when you’re in need of a book that is quick and easy and not too thinky. They are pure fluff (presented in order of least to most fluffy). One book is written by a comedian about dating. One is a short YA book full of lists and bullet points and other “creative” stylistic choices. And the last is a book that was made into a popular (and equally trashy) TV show. It also has the distinct honor of being a book that is included on a List Challenge entitled “Books You’ll Never Brag About Having Read.”

Needless to say, these are not books that I would suggest you recommend to your book club (if you’re looking for a great book club selection, check out my post from a few weeks ago that featured reviews of The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing and The Truth According to Us, either of which would be a fabulous choice). But if you are looking for a book that is super light, won’t change your life, and is mindless fun, these books will fit the bill just fine. Happy fluff reading! Continue reading

This Week in Books: a Grossly Disappointing Follow-Up, a Drunk Lady Hiding in a Closet, and a Born Foodie

Baby girl has decided that she’s in no rush to arrive, so I’ve been tearing through books to try to keep myself distracted from constantly obsessing over when she will decide to make her debut. This week’s books include a debut novel that has gotten a ton of good early hype and two books from authors I’ve enjoyed in the past (one a huge let-down, the other a strong and happy return). Continue reading