May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!

Happy New Year!  In celebration, I am doing my first giveaway!

One lucky winner may choose any book I have reviewed (the full list is here) or any book on my Books You Should Read list.  I will send it directly to the winner via Amazon (I will ship the “real” book version or gift the Kindle version; winner’s choice!).

All you have to do is this:

In the comments below, let me know the following:

  1. The best book you read in 2013.
  2. If you had an unlimited budget (and unlimited days off), where would you vacation in 2014?
  3. The book you would choose if you win.

Please comment no later than January 15th by 8:00 p.m. EST.  From all of those who comment, I will choose one lucky winner at random, using

For information on IKWYSR’s official giveaway rules/policy, click here.

I will announce the winner in my post on Thursday, January 16th.  Good luck!

18 thoughts on “May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!

  1. 1. Shantaram
    2. Maldives
    3. The Round House

    Congrats on being in black. Keep up the good reviews!

  2. 1. Cien años de soledad
    2. Machu Picchu! Also: Atlanta; Santa Fe; Williamsburg, VA; Tokyo DisneySea; NYC (staycation); LA; Southeast Asia via a cruise; Norwegian fjords, also via a cruise; Sydney; Sochi for the winter Olympics; wine country in the fall; New Zealand for wine and LotR locations; South Africa for wine/safari; Champagne/Reims for a while based out of a chateau; Venice; all over Spain for a month, staying in Paradors; Antarctica; Orlando for Universal and Animal Kingdom; Newport, RI; Pittsburgh; Savannah; Easter Island; Moorea; Hawaii; Alaska; NOLA for Mardi Gras; Vienna for New Year’s Eve; London; Rio during Carnival; Buenos Aires; Bora Bora; St. Petersburg; Rome; Marrakech; Edinburgh; Dublin; Lisbon; Prague; transatlantic cruise; Havana; San Juan; Denver and/or Colorado Springs; and Vegas, baby.
    3. Divergent

  3. 1. The Round House
    2. I would go all the places John is going except the Olympics, Mardi Gras and Carnival (don’t like crowds) and I would add China to walk on the Great Wall (at a time when it’s not too crowded).
    3 The Interestings.

  4. My turn!
    1. Geek Love (me thanks to you)
    2. Australia and New Zealand combo adventure!
    3. Divergent for real.

  5. 1. Code Name Verity/Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein
    2. Hawaii and Australia
    3. Ready Player One

  6. What fun!!!
    1. From the Kitchen of Half Truth
    2. Moorea and Fr Polynesia
    3. The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells

  7. 1. Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    2. Machu Picchu, stay on Lake Titicaca & then visit more of Peru, Costa Rica, Belize, Antarctica, several weeks in Africa, several weeks in New Zealand & Australia, several weeks in Spain, Iceland, cruise on fjords of Norway, Banff, Toronto-Vancouver train with multiple stops, Arches National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Disney World with grandchildren…for starters.
    3. The Sense of an Ending

  8. 1. Someone by Alice McDermott
    2. Copenhagen
    3. Revolutionary Road

    • Congrats, Julie! You’re IKWYSR’s first giveaway winner! I will contact you via email to find out how you would like the book delivered.

      • This rocks. Thank you, Christi. Just sent you an e-mail. Trust me when I say this is the best news I have received in a long time. I really needed this win. Yippee! Thanks again.

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  11. 1. Erdrich’s Shadow Tag
    2. Europe
    3. Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary..

  12. 1. It’s a tie between What Alice Forgot and The Husband’s Secret
    2. Italy. All of it!
    3. The Fault in Our Stars

  13. 1. The Night Circus. That’s why I keep telling you to ready it even though you already have.
    2. Tahiti — I hear it’s a magical place.
    3. This is tough. While I’d probably read Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk aloud to Harvey, I’d personally prefer the Diviners and hell, you recommended it for me.

  14. 1. Wonder
    2. Ireland
    3. Revolutionary Road

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